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Showing Hospitality to Refugees

Statistics from Global Frontier Missions: Only about 1% of all refugees pass the application process and [are] allowed into places like the US. There are about 15 million refugees worldwide. The US settles between 30,000 to 70,000 refugees each year. 80% of all refugees living in the US have never been invited into an American […]

South Sudan: Volunteering with Refugees

South Sudan, one of the newest countries in the world now that it has split from Sudan, continues to suffer new waves of violence, provoking new refugee crises. The northern country of Sudan as well has many displaced people and refugees. From Wikipedia: Displaced Sudanese Total population approximately 40.2 million[1] Regions with significant populations  Sudan […]

Volunteering with Burmese Refugees in Thailand

Photo: Mawker Refugee Camp (Karen) from Here is a quote from an article about Burmese refugees stuck in Thai camps: “Although refugee camps are hardly natural places to live, thousands have been born in the camps and never left. For the vast majority of them, the only way of life they have ever known […]

Helping Refugees as a Volunteer: Part V

This post is the last in a series of five about places you can contact to find out about volunteering to help refugees in your community. Earlier posts include tips for beginning volunteers (Part IV), a reminder to be persistent and kind when you have difficulty reaching the right person in the agency (Part III), […]

Helping Refugees as a Volunteer: Part IV

What can you do as a single person who wants to reach out to refugees in your neighborhood? Read the following checklist for tips: Five Steps for the Beginning Volunteer Here are the sites working with two more major resettlement agencies (EMM & HIAS) within your own cities. Episcopal Migration Ministries This organization helps resettle […]

Helping Refugees as a Volunteer: Part III

There are nine major “VOLAGS” (voluntary agencies for resettlement of refugees) currently doing most of the paperwork and receiving federal funding in the United States right now. Church World Service (CWS) (Part II listed CWS’s local sites and gave ideas for how to help refugees.) Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC) (Today’s featured agency.) Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM) […]

Help Refugees as a Volunteer: Part II

In this post, I’m continuing a list of places you can contact to find out about volunteer opportunities in your area. In Part I, locations are listed for World Relief and LIRS. Church World Service is featured in Part II. Before moving on to a listing of cities, though, I’d like to discuss some ways […]

Help Refugees as a Volunteer: Part I

Many people want to help the refugees who have been resettled in their area; they just aren’t sure how to go about doing that. For some of us who live in more rural areas, frequent volunteering may not be possible. But for those who live in larger cities, volunteering is a wonderful way to make […]