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Daddy Must Be So Selfish

“Daddy must be so selfish.” That’s what I thought as a 13-14 year old girl, watching how my mom served and “catered to” my dad. “Don’t shape the rolls like that. Daddy likes them flatter,” she’d say, and I’d punch down my nice fluffy bread rolls with a grumble in my heart. “No, don’t try […]

Sarah Edwards and I

Sarah Edwards is, along with Susanna Wesley, a woman whom I greatly respect as a godly mother and wife. I have to admit to being overwhelmed when I read about her strength of character and consistency with her children. But I know if I never aim for high standards, I will never reach them. Noel Piper’s biographical […]

Raising Godly Children: Susanna Wesley

Susanna Wesley, mother of John and Charles Wesley (a preacher and a great hymn writer, the founders of Methodism ) is someone I look up to a lot, especially as I enter a new season of motherhood. She endured between 17 and 19 pregnancies but only had ten surviving children, whom she raised with strictness […]

Baby Boy

I’m a mom.  It seems unreal that after all the waiting and sickness, my precious little boy has arrived. He’s even more beautiful than I had imagined, and my heart fills with so much joy every time I look at him. It’s as if all the pain of delivery a month ago and then the […]