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My Plea for Christian Empathy

A note to begin: I have long hesitated to write this, mostly because of where I now live. There are no refugees in my new home-city. Most of the people who surround me are very afraid of refugees. Are these people angry and hateful individuals? Not at all! They are kind and loving to anyone […]

The Refugee Trail

This article from Sojourner Magazine (click on the highlighted text to read it for yourself) made me think about the path of refugees differently. There is indeed a trail taken by thousands of refugees, narrowed as countries shut down borders and force people to head a different way. What would you do? What would I do? […]

South Sudan: Volunteering with Refugees

South Sudan, one of the newest countries in the world now that it has split from Sudan, continues to suffer new waves of violence, provoking new refugee crises. The northern country of Sudan as well has many displaced people and refugees. From Wikipedia: Displaced Sudanese Total population approximately 40.2 million[1] Regions with significant populations  Sudan […]

Being a Good Neighbor

As I’ve spent time thinking about how we as Christians can be like the Good Samaritan, who became a true neighbor to someone who was his enemy, I’ve often related it to the obvious picture of hurting refugees who have been resettled in our neighborhoods. But I think I’ve drawn the parallel too closely. I’ve […]

Prioritized Refugees

In cases of special need and low security risk, the federal government designates specific refugee populations for priority admission to the United States. These refugees are given “Priority 2” status. One recent example of Priority 2 status is that of Burmese refugees. Fleeing an undemocratic military government in Burma (Myanmar), over 70,000 Burmese refugees entered […] […]

Volunteering with Burmese Refugees in Thailand

Photo: Mawker Refugee Camp (Karen) from Here is a quote from an article about Burmese refugees stuck in Thai camps: “Although refugee camps are hardly natural places to live, thousands have been born in the camps and never left. For the vast majority of them, the only way of life they have ever known […]

Quote of the Week: Brother Andrew

Brother Andrew certainly didn’t stay home all the time–he’s famous for smuggling Bibles into closed countries. (Read God’s Smuggler for an inspiring account of God’s provision and protection in his life.) But I love these encouraging words from him for those of us who are unable to be missionaries for one reason or another. Whether it […]

More Statistics on Syrian Refugees–and Those Precious Children

The Ethiopian Community Development Council published this interesting article on understanding Syrian resettlement. I encourage you to read it! According to the article, 78% of the 10,000 Syrians who have been resettled here in the U.S. have been women and children, contrary to popular opinion and fear.  Meanwhile, many children are dying in places like Aleppo, […]

What if She Were Yours?

First, please read this article: “Anne Frank Today is a Syrian Girl.” Below are the photos that accompany that article–one of Anne Frank, the other of a wounded Syrian child.How incredible it is that some of the same objections we hear now about Syrian refugees were voiced by Americans about Jewish refugees. “They might be German […]

Refugees of the Past

I found a really fascinating article on this topic that I just had to share: What Happened to History’s Refugees? According to it, England has had a long history of welcoming refugees from all over the world. The French Huguenots in the 1600s, Belgians in World War I, Jews during both the Russian pogroms of the 1800s and […]