Mission Nannying

With so much information available so easily online, it has never been simpler to find ways to volunteer. A very special way to serve others is by helping them with their children. Mission Nannys is an organization I found out about just over a year ago, through the Rahms and another family in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. It’s a great opportunity for a young, Christian woman to spend some time serving missionary families while (safely) experiencing a different country. While I was volunteering abroad, I met a couple of young women (either just out of high school or taking time during summer vacation during college) who were helping missionary families with their children so that their mothers could homeschool the children and still remain active in ministry with their husbands.

Wanting to experience rural Honduras for a little while with a wonderful Christian family? This sweet family needs a loving helper for a few months next year.


There are also openings right now in Albania, Honduras, Costa Rica, Spain, Guinea, and Taiwan, among others. HondurasRahmCropped


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  1. […] them help refugees. You could assist them by coming through the Mission Nanny organization (see my earlier post on being a Mission Nanny), or by searching for their websites and directly emailing them to ask about what kind of help they […]


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