Favorite Websites

This is a list of websites that I visit frequently. Their resources have helped me to learn and grow spiritually.

  • Desiring God (sermons archived by Scripture and by topic, timely articles, free ebooks, etc.)
  • Revive Our Hearts (daily podcasts, uplifting articles)
  • The Gospel Coalition (news articles, insightful commentary on current events and trends in the church, sermons, audio courses, etc.)
  • Bible Gateway (for comparing Bible translations, consulting Bible concordances and commentaries, etc.)
  • The Spurgeon Archive (this is not a fancy website and can be difficult to navigate, but it contains so many of Spurgeon’s sermons, which I have found very helpful in my studies)


A little something extra: if you enjoy sarcasm tinged with Reformed theology, here’s a funny website: The Babylon Bee. (Just don’t take anything seriously! It’s satire!)

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