Quote of the Week: Andrew Murray

Considering how unworthy we are as humans–how unworthy I am–it’s so laughable how easy it is for us to become so inflated with a sense of our own self-worth.

Take the lowest place at the table, Jesus urged. Don’t offer your prayers to be seen by men.

And yet, I take the highest place, trying to make sure I get recognized for every little act I do. I make sure people know about my prayers and cover up how pitiful my prayer life actually is.

That’s not the kind of person God uses. Oh, Lord, please change my heart to one of brokenness and humility. Help me turn away from pride over such filthy rags and seek Your righteousness alone. I need You, Lord, I need You! “Every hour I need Thee,” as the hymn reminds me. I long for Your glory and power to flow into my broken, empty heart.


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