Quote of the Week: Jonathan Edwards


“The redeemed have all from the grace of God. It was of mere grace that God gave us his only-begotten Son. The grace is great in proportion to the excellency of what is given. The gift was infinitely precious, because it was of a person infinitely worthy, a person of infinite glory; and also because it was of a person infinitely near and dear to God…” Read the quote in context in Jonathan Edwards’ first-published sermon (preached in 1731 in Boston) HERE.

We can never be grateful enough that:

  1. We are among the redeemed!
  2. God gave His own Son to redeem us, purely by grace and not because of anything we did.
  3. God’s Son was Himself–the most excellent, precious gift possible.

If you’re interested learning more about the Edwards family, read my post from last week on Jonathan’s wife Sarah! [And if you’re wanting to make your own quote-pictures, try Quotescover.com.]


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