Challies’ 2017 Reading Challenge

Last year, while I did quite a bit of reading, most of my reading was online (articles about the Middle East, etc.). The best and most difficult book I read was Eric Metaxis’s biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

I would love to be more focused in my reading this year. A friend of mine from NY, Amber, pointed me to Tim Challies’ reading challenge, and I think I may do a modified version of it. I noticed that he only has a PDF version of the file, though, so this —> [2017readingchallenge] is the Word document version I made so you can enter your own books in it.

Here are some ideas I have for reading (subject to change). Many of the following books were my husband’s before we got married and I still haven’t read them, they’re online for free, or they’re available from my library or through interlibrary loan.


Bio- Bruchko

Classic Novel –Napoleon of Notting Hill, G.K. Chesterton

History – The Warmth of Other Suns, Isabel Wilkerson

For My Gender –

Theology – Holiness (J.C. Ryle)

A book with at least 400 pages – John Adams; McCullough (book that won Pulitzer prize; 750 pages)

Book pastor recommends – On the Mortification of Sin John Owen

Book about Christian Living – What Did You Expect? Paul Tripp (marriage)

More than 100 years old—see Owen

Book published in 2017 – ??

For children and teens – The Book Thief

My Choice – Pilgrim of the Heavenly Way (biography)

About a Current Issue – Washed and Waiting (homosexuality)


by a Puritan –Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices, Thomas Brooks (available online; recommended by my friend, Jacky)

by or about a missionary – Hard Fighting Soldier, David Sitton

commentary on a book of the Bible – Calvin’s Commentaries, book of Colossians

book about the Reformation – ??

book about theology – God is the Gospel, John Piper

recommended by a family member – A Praying Life; Paul Miller (recommended by my sister, Abby)

book with a great cover – ??

NYT Bestseller: Hillbilly Elegy (memoir)

book about church history – asking for recommendations from my father-in-law

book of 100 pages or less – Here to There: How to Get To Your Mission Field; David Meade

book that won a prize – John Adams, by David McCullough (Pulitzer)


theological viewpoint I disagree with – ?

book about Christian living: Discipline of Spiritual Discernment, Challies

book about apologetics: Expository Apologetics, Voddie Baucham

book of my choice – The Hidden Smile of God, John Piper

humorous book – ?

book based on true story – ?

book of poetry – Five Decades, Pablo Neruda (library; Spanish & English)

Additional Choices I Haven’t Put Into Categories:

Don’t Waste Your Life, John Piper

Reckless Abandon, David Sitton

Multiply, Francis Chan

The Children of Men, P.D. James (novel)

Under the Overpass, Mike Yankoski (a friend lent this memoir to me and said I would probably enjoy it.)

Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell

Marriage to a Difficult Man (bio of Sarah Edwards)

Secret Thoughts of An Unlikely Convert, Rosaria Butterfield (I don’t have this book but would like to get it. It has been highly recommended to me.)

-some collections of prize-winning short stories

I welcome suggestions, especially for church history/the Reformation!


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