When Free Books are Good Books

As the New Year begins, many of us (especially the bookworms!) are thinking about what we will be reading over the next months. And some of us are looking at a book budget of about $30. For the year, not the month. So here are some free ebooks!

The following list of missionary biographies comes from this website:
















Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission… by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor.

Hudson Taylor in Early Years by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor.

A Retrospect by J. Hudson Taylor. Chapters 1-9.

If you’re wanting to read some solid doctrinal works, check out this list on the Monergism website. Of the few books I’ve read on this website’s list, I recommend:

  • A.W. Pink’s  The Sovereignty of God [and also his Attributes of God, which can be found here]
  • John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress
  • John Piper’s Desiring God [and also When I Don’t Desire God, which you can find on his website]
  • Dostoevsky’s The Brother’s Karamazov (yes, it’s fiction! It’s very perceptive fiction, and a good break from all the nonfiction–although I wouldn’t really call anything by Dostoevsky “light reading.”)

Books on my To-Read list from that website are: Holiness, by J.C. Ryle; something by Loraine Boettner (I haven’t decided which book yet); and Of the Mortification of Sin in Believersby John Owen–if I can ever survive his 2-page sentences. I have to admit that I tried John Owen once a couple years ago and gave up in utter despair. But people keep telling me it’s worth the work!

Also check out the numerous free books on Chapel Library, as well as John Piper’s free books, some of which are biographies, on the Desiring God website. And if you know the name of an author or a person you’d like to read about, you can always check:

  1. Internet Archive (archive.org). To my delight, I found Amy Carmichael’s Things as They Are there.
  2. Library of Congress online resources
  3. Google Books (it has both free books and books-for-pay, so you just have to search to see what you can find. A free example is this biography of David Livingstone from the late 1800s.)

There! I hope that helps you get started!



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