Quote of the Week: Adoniram Judson


“Let me beg you, not to rest contented with the commonplace religion that is now so prevalent.” – Adoniram Judson, missionary to Burma (now called Myanmar, as it has been renamed by its militaristic government, by most of the world) for almost 40 years.

Check out this free ebook from John Piper called Adoniram Judson: How Few There are Who Die So Hard! It’s a challenging account of a man who lost everything–but gained his own soul and the souls of others. A quote from Piper’s call to battle:

     Judson wrote to missionary candidates in 1832: “Remember, a large proportion of those who come out on a mission to the East die within five years after leaving their native land. Walk softly, therefore; death is narrowly watching your steps.”
The question for us is not whether we will die, but whether we will die in a way that bears much fruit.

(After you read the short biography of Judson, go on to read Piper’s other free biographies on Desiring God’s website. They’re all excellent.)

Want to read this quote in context? You can find it on page 482 of A memoir of the life and labors of the Rev. Adoniram Judson, Volume 1, by Francis Wayland (the ebook is free on Google Books).


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